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A new Christian fiction series that reminds readers that the bad guys don't always win, especially when the Lord fights our battles.

Omega Addams thought it was a typical work day until a detour on the way home changes everything. She's almost killed, but an innocent bystander, Mitchell Franklin, takes a bullet for Omega during a gas station robbery.

In the aftermath, Omega has no idea that God expects her to “pray it forward” until a spiritual battle unfolds before her eyes. Another innocent bystander is in trouble; unless Omega gets her prayer life together, others will die without Christ. It's a chain reaction that highlights the responsibility of a Christian--hot, cold, or lukewarm. It’s time to get our acts together. We are our brother’s keeper.

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BOOK 2: Day She Prayed

New Christian convert Tally Gilbert knows the power of prayer. From her growing prayer

list, she’s witnessed healing, salvation, and deliverance for family and friends. There’s one

holdout: Randall Addams, the love of her life.

After a haunting nightmare, the Lord gives Tally His ultimatum: live the carefree lifestyle of

the world or turn to Jesus who can give her exceedingly abundantly above all she could ask or

think. She has to make a painful decision. Needing the Lord’s love more than Randall’s, Tally

calls it quits.

What will it take for Randall to turn to God?

Then the unthinkable happens when she gets a call.

What is God’s game plan? Will Randall live or be lost eternally forever?

BOOK 3: Days Are Coming

Prayer works. Delta Addams has seen it from the best prayer warriors she knew. But the

warning of repent, surrender, and Jesus is coming back isn’t convincing enough for her to

convert. She overhears her sister, Omega Addams, saying she didn’t know it would be so hard to

win souls for Christ, and she hates the thought of Satan winning.

Delta doesn’t see exercising her free will as a plus for the devil. When her sister mentions a

remnant of Christ’s faithful Believers escaping His wrath, Delta wonders if God gives her grace to

get her act together.

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