The Brownlees

1910  Abbotts beat 3, Clay County MST624 roll: 736 page 92A 

Household #73Wilkerson, William age 44

Rhoda age 38with daughter, and grandchildren in house

On page 92B/next door

Household # 83

Brownlee Martin head

1900 Caradine pct; beat 4, Clay county MS
Household #181
Brownlee, Martin age 34 b Mar 1866 md 16 years b MS
Liza, wife b Jul 1861 age 38 md 16 years; b MS

Household # 182
Wilkesson, William age 36, b Oct 1864; md 15 years; b MS; indexed as Wilkeson
Rhoda, wife b Aug 1869 age 30; md 15 years; b MS
Rosa L, dau b Aug 1886 b MS
Bullie, son b Sep 1891 age 8 b MS

Martin could be her brother. If so, this could be her uncle and grandparents listed in 1880. Lena is the right age to be Rhoda! There is a younger Ned Brownlee (probably son of older Ned), who I thought might be the father of Martin; and maybe Rhoda. But can't find Martin nor Rhoda anywhere in the 1870.


 1880 Census

Beat 4 Clay MSWinfield BROWNLEE Self M Male B 30 MS Laborer On Farm VASCJulia BROWNLEE Wife M Female B 35 MS Keeps House VA VAFannie BROWNLEE Dau S Female B 12 MS Keeps House MS MSWilliam BROWNLEE Son S Male B 9 MS Keeps House MS MSAlfred BROWNLEE Son S Male B 7 MS MS MSAlexander BROWNLEE Son S Male B 5 MS MS MSHenry BROWNLEE Son S Male B 3 MS MS MSPallie BROWNLEE Dau S Female B 6M MS MS MSPriscilla BROWNLEE Mother M Female B 80 SC SC SCNed BROWNLEE Father M Male B 81 SC SC SCMartin BROWNLEE Nephew S Male B 16 MS Laborer On Farm MS MS

Lena BROWNLEE Niece S Female B 9 MS MS MS


1860--Possible Slaveholders