The Coles

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1920 census:

Marshall Sr. (b. MS 1858)…was 62  (grave marker 2/13/1862-6/2/26 means 64 yrs old)

Laura Cole (b. MS 1857)..was.63    (grave marker 1860-1934 means 74 yrs old)

Marshall Jr. was 19. born 1901. (grave marker 7/16/1901-10/29/28 was only 27)

Grandson Bethel was 14 born 1906 in MS

Grandson Marshall was 12 born 1908 in OK

Lived in Lacey, Kingfisher, Oklahoma//he owned his own home.


They had 11 children:

Willie 1872

1920 census:

Grover Vallard b. (1887-1971 grave marker 84 yrs old) …33 m. Dillie Cole (grave marker 1887-1847 means 60 yrs old) …32

children :

Elmer b. 1912 was 8 (graver marker 1912-1968 means 56 yrs old)

Sarah  b. 1914  was 6

Melburn  b. 1920 was six months

Live in Lacey, Kingfisher, Oklahoma/ he rented.


Dolan b. 1890 (grave marker says 1888-1970 means 82 yrs old)

1920 census:

Talmadge. 1893 or 1895 age 25

m. Alcine Cole

living with three sisters-in-law: Bernice Ratcliff 18; Orettia Ratcliff 14; Erma Parks 52;

Sylvester 1894

L.D. or T.D 1896

John b. 1897

Marshall 1902

Mary b. 1865

Herbert  (grave marker 1885-1952 means 67 yrs old)


1910 census:

Marshall was 54 and had been married since he was 15...according census married 39 years. (seems questionable) born 1856 ??

Laura was 48 and a mulatto and had 11 children.

1. Dolan ..20 years..b 1890 had Irene Cole married Guy..grandson posted on

2. Sylvester 16, born 1894.

3. L.D. or T.D. was 14 or 15 years old—son. (poss Talmadge)

4. John was 13 year old…born1897  (? Grave marker 5/19/1895-11/5/1985 means 90 yrs old)

5. Marshall was 8 year old b. 1902…according to death record, he died Oct 29, 1926..this is a son not a grandson.

Bethel grandson was 4 years old..born 1906

Hughland Marshall grandson born in OK was 2 1908.

1910 census

Grover Vallard was considered a mulatto and 22 year old and married almost a year to Dillie (B).


1900 Lauderdale Co, MS, 2-BT, page 182
(all birthplaces shown as MS)
Marshal Cole 41 farmer, married 21 yrs
Laura (wife) 41 married 21 yrs, 10 kids, 10 living
1. May or Mag (dau) 22 farm laborer….1878
2. Sarah (dau) 19 farm laborer                 1881 
3. Hurbert (son) 16 farm laborer               1884
4. Vallot (son) 13 farm laborer                  1887
5. Daniel (son) 12 farm laborer                  1888
6. Sylvester (son) 9                                     1891
7. Pedee (son) 7                                           1893
8. Zeb (son) 5                                                1895
9. Stephen (son) 2                                        1898



1880 census:

Name: Laura A. Cole Residence: Daleville, Lauderdale, Mississippi

Birthdate: 1861 Birthplace: Mississippi, United States Relationship to Head: Wife Spouse's Name: Marshal Cole

Spouse's Birthplace: Mississippi, United States

Father's Name: Father's Birthplace: North Carolina, United States

Mother's Name: Mother's Birthplace: North Carolina, United States

Race or Color (Expanded): Mulatto Ethnicity (Standardized): American

Gender: Female Martial Status: Married Age (Expanded): 19 years

Child Willie Cole M age 1 b. 1879

Occupation: Works On Farm NARA Film Number: T9-0653 Page: 135 Page

Character: C Entry Number: 103 Film number: 1254653  Household


1870 census:

Stephen Cole b. 1835 …35 (black born in North Carolina)

Ann Cole…age 17   born in Mississippi

Marshall Cole…age 10

Mary Cole… age 5

Beck Cole …age 2

Based on the last' child's age, Stephen’s wife may have died in 1867, 68, or 69 .

Nelly Brown age 18 (possibly Laura’s sister) b. 1852






The oldest

Willie Cole


6/5/1891-2/1973 in Las Vegas, NV

Census says he was born in 1894

Tall and dark

Sylvester Cole


1900-1973 in Detroit

On 1920 census, he lived in OK and was 27, which means he was born in 1893.


Talmadge Jr., 6/19/26-1984

Detroit. Only 58 yrs old.



Talmadge Cole III

Lived in Las Vegas is where he died with daughter

Lived near a fish market

Talmadge Cole Sr.


Belleveer Street, elder in church, married, retired Ford Motor Co.

Left OK after Dust Bowl for Detroit

b. in MS in 1890 per 1920 census

d. 1970 AZ

Children: Herman, Recil, Irene

Dolan liked to wear a double breast suit.  Sold land to Ford Motors ??

Light Skin

Dolan Cole


Born 11/12/1887, Meridan, MS

Died 7/28/1971 in Hennessey, OK 73742

A mulatto in 1910.

5 children with Dillie Nichols. 3 children died before 1971.

One daughter: Sarah Henley of LA (7/21/1913?-1991?)

Son Melborne Cole of Detroit(? 10/1919-9/29/1998) 48221, Wayne, MI

At time of Melborne's death, he had 9 grand children and 10 great-grand children.

Mulatto and short

Grover V. Cole


Born Died? In Wichita, KS



Bethel m. Nellie (Hattie)

Both worked for Boeing.

Daughter, Uletha lived in CA

The youngest

Herbert Cole


John  m. Fannie 

Born 5/19/1895- Died 11/5/1985

In Hennessey, Ok


Census says 1897, 

John Jr.(Augustus now lives in TX)

m. Gloria

Tracey Cole (daughter and airlines)

?? Lee Andrews, Hennessey

Worked for railroad

John Cole

John  wife and sister Maryann.jpg

She moved from Hennessey, OK to Detroit, MI to be with son, Marshall.

She was old in 1964.

Married a Hubbard

Mary Ann Cole


1. Jim (oldest) m. Nancy

Laura, Ophelia, Herbert, Alberta, Jimmy, Calvin

2. Leroy B m. Gertie

Charlie, Mary, Katherine, George

3. Delmar (1900-1984?)

Naomi, Lydia, Annie, Jane, Lonnie, Mae, Emma, Dorothy, Willie, Earle Sr., William Sr., Diane, Mary Ann, Nancy

4. Willie Jr. twin to Florence 7/2/1903-10/13/20077, Beatrice

5. Florence 1903=1979

Willie, Laura, Henry, Julius, Olivia, Carl, James, Robert, Virginia, Wally, Earl, Alma (Peggy)

6. Lilly 

Fannie, Bennie, Robert, Janre, Rosetta, Pervie "Scottie", Cleo, Leon, Mary Lee, Christine, Katherine, Teretha "Tee"

7. Lonnie 5/11/09-12/29/1993

Charlie Jr., Velma, Luella, Beatrice, Christine, Eugene, Hazel, Leo, Calvin, Kenneth twin to Leonard

8. Ross "Roscoe" 

Dan, Roscie

His descendants 

Willie Cole Sr.