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Albert Carter (b. 1843) m. Charlotte Davison (b. 1860) 

--There was a big age difference between them. I had to look twice. :)



Thomas Carter (b. 1888-1890) m. Love (Lovie) Ann Shepherd (1892)

--As far as I have uncovered, he began the generations of Thomases in the family.

Thomas Sr had a son Thomas (b. 1919 around the time the C& G Railroad was built)). He also had a son Summer (b. 1908).

--This is my grandfather. My mother's father. I have found his name as Summers, Simmos, and Sonners. 


Summer married Charlotte (Sharlotte) Wilkinson in 1926.

--There children were:

According to Cousin Buelah. Her uncle…mother’s brother… Thomas carter was a preacher. This is from notes more than 10 years-old, so I don't know if it was Thomas Sr., or Thomas Jr., who was the preacher.


***Albert Carter m. Charlotte Davison  b. 1856  d. 1943..Phoebe…high blood REQUEST DEATH CERTIFICATE) …married sometimes around 1876.

They had Thomas, Eddie, Annie, Cora, Margaret, ?


Love Ann Shepard’s sisters Mattie, Cora, Lucy, Laura, Phil, etc.

West Point and Starkville are closest city. , closest airport Columbus.(b. 1923) Cousin Beulah(Cora Carter mother (d. 1926 in Phoebe), Ivory Shelton) has pictures of:

Might have a pix of Annie and Cora


(Charlotte Davis Carter’s grand-daugther)..had Margaret Williams Broscoe …this is Thomas Carter Sr’s sister…

(b. 1919) Josie Broscoe m. R C Carothers…children

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