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The Wilkinson/Wilkersons
The Man with Two Families

Four Generations

Two censuses, two stories


Although he married Artie Jamison, he fathered two sons by my second great-grandmother, Charlotte Jamison. I hope to create a slide show of my ancestors and upload on Youtube soon. I’ll keep everyone posted.
Shout out to Nola Coburn, the researcher from Chickasaw County, Mississippi, who forwarded to me from a great-great niece, which means my distant cousin. 


George Simmons (no direct relations to my Simmons that I know about) found his g-g-grandparents of Sparta, Chickasaw Co., MS. Per George, the info came the courtesy of Patsy, a lookup volunteer, and the Chickasaw Co Historical/Genealogical Society. Volume one, The History of Chickasaw Co.,MS.

Notes for THOMAS JEFFERSON WILKINSON (my ggggranfather):
Thomas J. Wilkinson was a resident of Union,Greene Co.,Alabama. He was visiting his children, J.A. Wilkinson, Mrs. Joseph Alexander White, Mrs. Leonidas Hall and Mrs. William Henry Jemison, all of Sparta, when he became ill. He died at the home of J.A. Wilkinson and was buried in Amity Cemetery.


On the 1870 census,John A. Wilkinson, 33, a farmer was married to Artie(a). They had three children Ella, Robert, Walter, and Andrew J. (possibly John’s brother who was a law student) were living with them. By 1880, John and Artie added three more sons: Samuel (age 9 and the same name as his other son, my great great uncle Samuel), John (Jr. or III), and Thomas.


According to the 1870 census (the first one where Blacks were actually counted):

On the July 28, Charlott(e) Jamison, 28, was listed as the head of the household and a housekeeper in Township 16 in Chickasaw County, Palo Alto, MS. The census lists her birthplace as South Carolina. Charlott is listed as a mulatto with 2 sons, William, 5, and Samuel, 3.


According to the 1880 census:
In Clay County, Beat #4, MS, Charlott Wilkinson (This was the only census where she used the Wilkinson last name), 40, a mulatto, was a widow with 2 sons, William, 14, and Samuel, 12. Charlott was living with another widow, Martha Leopard, 39, white, and her son also named Samuel, 19.

On the 1920 census, Charlotte Jamison lived five houses away from her son’s in-laws, Martin Brownlee. She was a servant and 80 years old.
“Aunt Charlotte” as the Caradine Family, who were also once slaveholders called her, died in 1930 and they buried her in their family cemetery in MS. To date, the Mississippi Department of Vital Records cannot locate her or her son, William’s death certificates.
((See William’s Grandmother Sarah below)

John Adams Wilkinson one the oldest of several siblings born to Thomas Jefferson Wilkinson and Sarah below.

DISCLAIMER: I Copied the information below from another family member's genealogy page. I have the click where anyone can look at the entire Wilkinson tree:

Generation No. 7

9.JOHN ADAMS7 WILKINSON (THOMAS JEFFERSON6, JOHN5, STEPHEN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born January 21, 1837 in Union, Greene Co., Alabama, and died 1892 in Sparta, Chickasaw Co., Mississippi.

He married ARTEMISIA FRANCIS JEMISON October 24, 1861 in Sparta, Chickasaw Co., Mississippi, daughter of ROBERT JEMISON (the slave holder's only daughter)  and MARTHA PITTS.

       ELLA ROSS8 WILKINSON, b. 1863, Sparta, Chickasaw Co., Mississippi; d. 1920.
       ROBERT ENNIS WILKINSON, SR., b. August 14, 1866, Sparta, Mississippi; d. April 06, 1946, Heidelberg, MS
       WALTER A. WILKINSON, b. 1868; d. 1944; m. ANNIE BROWN.
       SAMUEL S. WILKINSON, b. 1871; d. 1884.***
He also had a son with Charlotte and named him Sam***
      THOMAS WILKINSON, b. 1879; d. 1884.

***John's mulatto son, William, married Rhonda Brownlee. Check out the Brownlee tree.

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