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Welcome to Pat Simmons

Christian Romance Novels Keep it Clean 

My mission as a Christian novelist is to inspire readers with heartwarming stories, godly interventions, and sweet romance. Meet the strong Black men in the Jamieson family, the sweet Carmen sisters, plus the spiritual warfare in the Intercessors series.

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About Guilty of Love: How do you know if the most important decision of your life is the right one? What if it wasn't?

Guilty of Love - Book 1 in the Jamieson Legacy series

What readers are saying about my books...

  • What I love about her books is they are all biblically based! Thank you, Pat, for giving us some good, pure, interesting Christian materials to read!! I appreciate you! You and a handful of other Christian Authors are rare commodities in these last days! Leelee, reader 

  • I really appreciate the fact that authors such as Pat are not afraid to show Christians who try live by the Word on all fronts.   Lali, reader on Redeeming Heart.

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About Me 

I still can't believe I have more than 30 titles. Wow, look at what Jesus has done in my writing ministry.

About My Roots

Before there was Ancestry and 23and Me, I diligently worked to research my roots. Find out my connection to this woman under the Wilkerson/Wilkinson tree.


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