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First review by Brian

Days are Coming: The Intercessors By Pat Simmons

This is a departure from the crime fiction I usually read. There are several crimes, but overall, this book is not crime fiction. It’s hard to classify. Christian fiction, I’d say. It’s an amazing book that I think every Christian should read. And if you’re a non-Christian, if you want to see what true modern Christianity should look like, then you should read it as well. Be prepared. It’s an interaction with God by these characters that may blow your mind. Of the themes I like to read about, redemption plays a huge part in this book. Redemption of souls for Christ.

This is book number three of The Intercessors series. I’ve not read the other two books and it’s not necessary to enjoy this one. From the first page, this book grabbed me. Reading it produced a lot of emotions in me. First, humility and even shame in my own Christian walk. The main characters in this book embrace their Christianity way more than most people I know, including myself. Through much of it I was also filled with inspiration. And finally, a longing to experience as close a relationship with God as many of these characters have.

Jude Morgan is the main character, one of the intercessors, and one of the pastors at Christ For All Church in St. Louis. He is awakened by God and told to pray, and that God is coming for the children. An ominous message, for sure, but one that turns out to be multi-faceted. Jude obeys and then God takes him and several others on a spiritual journey, where the characters fight serious spiritual warfare against the demons and the world coming for their children. 

To be honest, I’m a bit at a loss for words to say about this book other than it’s an incredible read and needs to be experienced. Not every book I’ve read is an experience, but this one is. 

It’s a Christian book written by a Christian woman, so it’s clean. There is some violence, but it’s not over the top. And we live in a violent world, so it’s appropriate. The writing is good. The story moves rapidly. Tension builds. The ending is satisfying. I’m ranking this one number three of what I’ve read so far this year. The book will be released on April 15.

1.      The Record Keeper by Charles Martin

2.      The Samaritan’s Patient by Chevron Ross

3.      Days Coming by Pat Simmons

4.      The Maid by Nita Prose

5.      Where is My Sister by Jane Daly

6.      The Dark Wind by Tony Hillerman

7.      A Vanishing Act by Edwina Kiernan

8.      Cali’s Hope by John Matthew Walker

9.      Field Training by Patrick O’Donnell

10.   Deadly Pursuit by Elle Gray

Days Are Coming-Book 3 in the Intercessors series Spiritual warfare
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  • What I love about her books is they are all biblically based! Thank you, Pat, for giving us some good, pure, interesting Christian materials to read!! I appreciate you! You and a handful of other Christian Authors are rare commodities in these last days! Leelee, reader 

  • I really appreciate the fact that authors such as Pat are not afraid to show Christians who try live by the Word on all fronts.   Lali, reader on Redeeming Heart.

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